I Got 99 Problems and They Weigh a Ton


When we are struggling with mental health issues and addiction, we typically mask our feelings and experiences that we may have been repressing for years. This type of behavior, whether it is conscious or unconscious, creates a cycle of avoidance to ensure we don’t feel pain. When we get in this cycle, it can feel like […]

Stress Can Harm Addiction Recovery

Stress Can Harm Addiction Recovery

We’ve all experienced stress in some way or another: an intense amount of pressure can build up within us, causing us to experience backaches, stomachaches, headaches, frustration issues and more. In fact, previous studies have explored the issue of stress and have found that the political climate, along with work expectations and financial issues, are […]

4 Tips for Coping with Parenting Stress


Every parent experiences moments of high stress, but when the stress level in a household is constantly elevated due to difficult circumstances or an overwhelmed parent, the effect can be decremental for everyone involved.  While every parent is vulnerable to parenting stress, one study published in 2015 found that mothers with a history of trauma […]