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Group Therapy

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Group therapy is a therapeutic intervention that helps our clients develop improved communication skills, boundaries, and self-awareness. We utilize the spiritual principles of honesty, open-mindedness and willingness in all of our group therapy sessions with the intention of fostering greater levels of intimacy, trust, and authenticity. Unlike most treatment settings, Burning Tree Ranch employs the use of licensed clinicians to facilitate all therapeutic group settings.

In the group therapy setting, members of the community provide comfort, a sense of belonging, and self-identification to help promote deeper levels of engagement with the therapeutic process. Skills like listening without judgment, providing feedback, and offering selfless support to other participants are critical components to the chronic relapser’s journey through treatment.
By exploring their own feelings in a supportive clinical environment shared with their peers, our clients begin to self-identify with others. This process nurtures deeper bonds with the community and results in the development of an early support network As time progresses, our clients find they can take more risk, and trust more fully. This journey into courageous living is often a precursor to dynamic self-discovery.
“Group therapy helps our clients learn how to foster healthy connection and intimacy with others.”

Drew McLaughlin, MA, LCDC, Counselor

Accountability and The Awareness of Self

Group therapy is a powerful tool for self-awareness and accountability. As discussed throughout this site, accountability is one of the primary focal points at Burning Tree Ranch. Through peer and staff accountability, our clients begin to develop a deeper understanding of what it means to live by their values. Establishing commitments, setting intentions, and speaking with purpose and clarity are key performance indicators that help the treatment team establish an individual’s progress through treatment.

At Burning Tree Ranch, group therapy sessions provide an opportunity to receive and share insights about certain behaviors that do not align with the values espoused by the individual or community. As a chronic relapse program, we invest heavily in the opportunity for honest self-examination. By investing in the practice of accountability, we equip our clients with the best possible opportunity to match their actions to their words. The first step in accomplishing this errand is to help them see where they’ve said or claimed one thing, but done another. As this discipline develops, the community and staff help our clients more readily identify their self-sabotaging behaviors.
Over time, as they begin to connect their behaviors from the past to their behaviors in the present, a gradual epiphany occurs: their thinking, behaviors, and actions are the common denominator in all their troubles. It is them, not the world around them that must change. Incrementally, as their behavior changes, so does their thinking. As their thinking changes, so do their actions. This awakening is one of the very first steps towards greater self-awareness. Before long, and with enough accountability, our clients begin to self-identify and self-correct the inconsistencies between their intentions and actions. From here, they are well on their way to living a life of excellence beyond sobriety.

Proper Diagnosis at our Long-Term Treatment Facility

Burning Tree addresses co-occurring disorders that may have blocked our clients from achieving recovery in previous, shorter-term treatment episodes. We do this in an intimate, progress-based setting that integrates world-class clinical interventions with useful, esteem-building life skills. Each of our clients undergo advanced psychological screenings, clinical evaluations, and medical assessments to determine the best, most tailored treatment plans for their needs.

For someone struggling with chronic relapse, less therapy, and less treatment are not the answer. Chronic relapsers need a community that encourages accountability, proper therapy, and a design for living fully. If you want to learn more about Burning Tree Ranch’s authentic, long-term approach, call our admissions team to learn more.

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LMSW, LCDC | Counselor
Kristina Robertson serves as Counselor at Burning Tree Ranch. Holding both a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Social Work, Kristina’s greatest joy is “watching our clients learn to love themselves again.” An avid equestrian, mother to twenty-one horses, and all-around animal lover, Kristina serves as a bright shining example of long-term recovery in action. Her commitment to whole person health: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual makes her an invaluable member of the Burning Tree Ranch clinical team. As a distinguished Phi Theta Kappa and Alpha Zeta member, Kristina believes deeply in each client’s pursuit of becoming their best selves.

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