Time Is On Y0ur Side

Burning Tree Ranch is designed to help you or your loved one overcome addiction, create a productive life, and lessen the chance of a relapse. We are a true, authentic long-term treatment program, which gives your loved one a major advantage when getting sober.

We have the time required to find out what’s really going on with our clients, and our sophisticated, expert clinical team can properly diagnose your loved one. Our length of stay, our advanced clinical team, and helping clients since 1999 differentiates us from almost every other program in the country.



Meghan Bohlman
Clinical Director, Burning Tree Ranch

“We are with you every step of the way. We understand substance abuse and specifically, the chronic relapser. We provide proven support through evidence-based practices, understanding of our clients and their families, and assistance with issues that arise throughout the entirety of the client’s stay. Time is one of our greatest assets. As your loved one moves through our program, our goal is to help them be a self-supporting individual, to help them be of service to the community and to others – all while reinforcing and building their own life skills.”
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Treating Chronic Relapse Since 1999

We have helped families since 1999 recover from chronic relapse. Our sophisticated team, our focus on the 12 Steps and our accountable but respectful environment, helps chronic relapsers break the chains of addictive thinking. With more than 20 years in long-term inpatient rehab, we have become leading experts in chronic relapse and those resistant to treatment. We are family-owned and operated. The 12-Step program is our core philosophy and it is coupled with proven therapeutic treatment.


Jesse Earwood
Executive Director, Burning Tree Ranch

“We’ve been helping families with chronic relapse since 1999. This program works. It worked for me. It helps someone struggling with chronic relapse remove the resistance they have to treatment.”
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Why Short Term Treatment Doesn’t Work For Everyone

When clients come to the Ranch, we often see someone who has been saturated with alcohol, benzos or heroin. Someone who has gone to treatment before and is resistant to treating their alcoholism or addiction. We also see someone who might have underlying mental health issues that have been misdiagnosed or have never been addressed. All of this takes time and a sophisticated clinical team to choose the best treatment path and the appropriate clinical approach. Shorter-term programs do not and cannot provide the same level of care because they don’t have the same amount of time we have to truly treat your loved one.



Olivia Wilder
Admissions Director, Burning Tree Ranch

“We are here to help you and your family transition from a place of worry to hope. We want to help you find the best path forward and reduce as much stress during this difficult time.”
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Continuum of care

Our continuum of care is designed to help you overcome your addiction, create a productive life, and lessen the chance of a relapse. As such, we have created an environment that best serves those needs.

When you formally leave the program

You are still a part of the family. We track all of our alumni to make sure they are progressing in their reclaimed lives, and we are available for assistance and advice as it is needed. Contact Burning Tree Ranch to learn more about our continuum of care in Kaufman, TX.

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