What to Do When Rehab Doesn’t Work

What to Do When Rehab Doesn't Work

Oftentimes when we see a client who has successfully been admitted into Burning Tree Ranch, they have already had several treatment episodes. In extreme cases, we have seen some clients who have gone to more than three dozen treatment centers before making it to the Ranch. By this time, these clients are so resistant to […]

Ending the Legacy of Addiction 


Addiction runs in families, of this much we are certain.  While almost everyone has at least one relative that has been touched by addiction, it seems that people who struggle with addiction themselves can usually name a few addicts in their family, and at least one immediate family member.  Because people with substance use disorders […]

5 Reasons Long-term Aftercare is Critical to Addiction Recovery


Many addiction recovery programs and treatment centers have evolved their techniques and strategies exponentially over the past decade to incorporate new research and methods that prove successful for clients with addictions.  One clear factor in determining success in lasting recovery is the availability of quality aftercare for people who have recently completed an initial inpatient […]