What to Expect From an Al-Anon Meeting


There are support groups available for friends and families of alcoholics called Al-Anon groups. Al-Anon meetings can help those close to alcoholics who find themselves caught up in an overwhelming whirlwind of frustration and disappointment. What is Al-Anon? Al-Anon meetings are not based on any particular religion. They focus on a spiritual fellowship in which […]

How Aftercare Helps Transition to Life After Addiction

How Aftercare Helps Transition to Life After Addiction

Structure and Accountability Help Create Long Term Recovery Burning Tree Ranch has one of the strongest and most comprehensive Aftercare treatment plans in the country.  We give our clients an environment to transition and practice the sober tools they learned in our long-term treatment residential program at Burning Tree Ranch. Our mission is to prevent […]

Finding Equilibrium: What to Expect During Recovery

Finding Equilibrium

When it comes to getting clean and sober, you always hear stories, opinions, and suggestions surrounding mental health, but what about our physical health? How do we focus on the thing that is keeping us alive? Our bodies are truly magical, and we see the real magic after we have abused it for years with […]

Addiction and Family: Effects of Drug Abuse and Alcoholism

Family Therapy

Effects of Drug Abuse on Family Someone who chronically relapses has trouble staying sober. They continuously fall back into their addiction even if they are trying with all of their willpower to stay away from drugs and alcohol.  They are sick with a chronic disease. If left untreated, they will eventually relapse or their addiction […]