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Why Highly Intelligent People with Education and Resources Struggle with Sobriety

Why Highly Intelligent People with Education and Resources Struggle with Sobriety

For many, it may seem counterintuitive: how can someone blessed with high intelligence, extensive education, and ample resources struggle with something as fundamental as sobriety? While generalizations cannot be made for everyone, Burning Tree Ranch understands that there are several factors to consider in understanding this paradoxical phenomenon. Specific Types of Addiction That Are More […]

The Myth: Licensed Professionals Are Immune to Addiction

Licensed Professionals Are Not Immune To Addiction

In today’s high-pressure professional world, the myth that licensed professionals are immune to addiction is dangerously misleading. At Burning Tree Ranch, we understand that the reality is quite different. Despite their advanced training and notable achievements, licensed professionals are just as susceptible to the pressures and stresses that contribute to alcohol and drug addiction. This […]

8 Ways Long-Term Treatment Can Help with Chronic Relapse

Long Term Treatment Can Help With Chronic Relapse

Chronic relapse is a debilitating cycle where an individual repeatedly returns to substance use after periods of abstinence, signifying addiction’s complex and enduring nature. It underscores the critical need for a more extensive, multifaceted approach to treatment that transcends short-term interventions. While short-term treatments can often provide immediate relief and temporary stability, they rarely address […]

How to Help an Addict Without Enabling


Learn more about enabling & dependency view infographic Supporting a loved one through addiction is a challenging task that demands a delicate balance of empathy and boundary-setting. While the desire to help is natural, ensuring that our assistance doesn’t inadvertently contribute to their dependence is essential. The key to genuine healing is understanding the importance […]

Understanding and Addressing Relapse


Understanding and addressing addiction relapse is crucial in the journey toward recovery. Addiction relapse is common among individuals who have undergone treatment for substance abuse. It is a setback that can be discouraging and demotivating, but it is important to understand that it is a normal part of the recovery process. In this article, we’ll […]

Understanding the Link Between Opioid Use and Mental Health Disorders


Mental health, often misunderstood or overlooked, shapes every facet of our lives. It encompasses our emotional, mental, and social health, affecting our thoughts, feelings, and actions. Opioid use disorder, on the other hand, is a medical condition marked by a troubling cycle of opioid consumption that leads to significant impairment and distress. This issue has […]

The Importance of Early Detection and Intervention in Dual Diagnosis Cases


Dual diagnosis represents a complex clinical scenario involving the simultaneous presence of mental health disorders and substance use disorders in a single individual. Research indicates that up to 50% of individuals with a mental disorder also suffer from substance abuse, making dual diagnosis a critical concern in healthcare. Despite the complexities of treating and managing […]

How Family Involvement Impacts Long-term Addiction Treatment

Long-term Addiction Treatment

Addiction is a complex, multi-faceted issue that often requires sustained, long-term treatment to effectively combat its physical and psychological dimensions. While medical interventions and behavioral therapies are pivotal, the role of family involvement in this arduous journey is invaluable and often underemphasized. Families serve as a bedrock of emotional support and play a critical role […]

10 Early Signs of Addiction Relapse

Addiction Relapse

Addiction relapse is a common occurrence among individuals who have struggled with addiction. It can be a challenging and overwhelming experience for both the individual and their loved ones. The impact of addiction relapse can be devastating, leading to a complete breakdown of relationships, loss of employment, and even death. However, recognizing the early signs […]

Navigating Dual Diagnosis Treatment: Choosing the Right Path to Recovery

Navigating Dual Diagnosis Treatment: Choosing The Right Path To Recovery

Dual diagnosis describes the coexistence of a substance use disorder and a mental health disorder. This coexistence of conditions presents a significant challenge for those affected and healthcare professionals seeking to provide effective treatment. The complexity of co-occurring disorders can profoundly impact individuals’ lives, exacerbating symptoms and hindering recovery. The purpose of this blog is […]



LMSW, LCDC | Counselor
Kristina Robertson serves as Counselor at Burning Tree Ranch. Holding both a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Social Work, Kristina’s greatest joy is “watching our clients learn to love themselves again.” An avid equestrian, mother to twenty-one horses, and all-around animal lover, Kristina serves as a bright shining example of long-term recovery in action. Her commitment to whole person health: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual makes her an invaluable member of the Burning Tree Ranch clinical team. As a distinguished Phi Theta Kappa and Alpha Zeta member, Kristina believes deeply in each client’s pursuit of becoming their best selves.

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