6 Benefits of EMDR Therapy for Addiction Treatment

EMDR Therapy for Addiction Treatment

Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy, also known as EMDR therapy, is a powerful method for treating trauma. It involves activating sensory inputs on the right and left side of the body while the patient recalls a traumatic memory. The sensory activity might include buzzing a paddle that the patient holds in each hand or […]

Gary Dinkleman — ‘The White Wizard’ — Has Retired

Gary Dinkleman

Gary Dinkleman, known for his insightful counseling methods and as a long-time counselor at Burning Tree Ranch, retired in 2021. Gary helped hundreds of family members break the cycle of addiction. Gary lived in Illinois and while 3-years sober he worked at a grocery store. His sponsor started going to school to be a counselor […]

What Is the Relapse Cycle in Addiction?

relapse cycle in addiction

The definition of relapse within addiction can be complex. We tend to view it as the moment when a sober individual returns to using their addictive substance again. A more precise definition would be that relapse refers to the process that leads a sober individual back to substance use. The relapse cycle is multidimensional and […]

The First 30 Days of Rehab

Burning Tree Ranch Property

What are the first 30 days of rehab like? It depends.  Often when going into rehab, clients need to go to detox. Medical detox is critical for people who are saturated with alcohol or drugs. Especially with alcohol withdrawal, clients can have seizures and even die. The First 30 Days of Rehab  Up to the […]

What is Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome?

Post acute withdrawal syndrome

Ultimately, many symptoms of alcohol or drug withdrawal are the result of the effects that these chemicals have on the body and brain. In the first days and even weeks during withdrawal, different withdrawal symptoms may occur as a result of abruptly stopping taking a substance. The longer someone has abused drugs or alcohol, the […]

What to Do When Rehab Doesn’t Work

What to Do When Rehab Doesn't Work

Oftentimes when we see a client who has successfully been admitted into Burning Tree Ranch, they have already had several treatment episodes. In extreme cases, we have seen some clients who have gone to more than three dozen treatment centers before making it to the Ranch. By this time, these clients are so resistant to […]

The Mental Impacts of Alcoholism on Individuals and Their Families

The Mental Impacts of Alcoholism on Individuals and Their Families

There are many things that set alcohol apart from other commonly abused substances, starting with the fact that alcohol is a perfectly legal drug. Unlike other drugs whose use could result in a lengthy prison stay, alcohol can be purchased just about anywhere, and buying it will not result in arrest or imprisonment. The legal […]

What is Addiction Treatment Resistance?

What is Addiction Treatment Resistance

Treatment resistance is a term that describes someone who does not respond to usual treatment programs.  Some people struggling with substance abuse or alcoholism have a difficult time staying sober by going to a 30-day addiction treatment center. You can say that they are resistant to the treatment.  Some people are in a revolving door […]

4 Reasons Alcoholism Could Run in Families

4 Reasons Alcoholism Could Run in Families

Whether you have been personally impacted by alcoholism and alcohol use disorder or not, you may have noticed that the misuse and overuse of this legal but highly dangerous drug tend to run in families.  Maybe you grew up in an alcoholic household and you are concerned about your own use of alcohol.  The fact […]

What’s the Difference Between Clean and Sober?

Clean and Sober

Have you ever been around an alcoholic who isn’t drinking?  What is their demeanor? Are they nice? Are they grumpy? How do they react to you?  If you grew up in an alcoholic household, then you know that when mom or dad did not have something to drink they were not happy. Actually, they could […]