From the Outside Looking In, Addiction Can Seem Like A Black & White Issue

An observer sees an individual battling a disease, and assumes that the clear solution is treatment. After all, they may reason, you would get the care you needed if you had a physical illness — why not do the same for a substance use disorder? Friends and family members of an addicted individual may feel hurt or confused when their loved one avoids or refuses treatment, or when the individual goes through a relapse. To them, it may appear as though they are not even trying to get better.

Those who have seen the reality of substance use disorders, however, know that asking for help and getting treatment is far more complex than it looks. The compulsions of addiction make it much harder to consciously choose the path toward sobriety. What’s more, the road to recovery can seem long and full of obstacles. From the view of an addicted person, getting treatment may look like a lifelong commitment of time and effort that is not even guaranteed to work. They may feel discouraged and overwhelmed — negative emotions that only serve to maintain the status quo of addiction.

At Burning Tree Ranch, We Want To Make the Process Of addiction Treatment A Journey Of Hope

Reassurance and inspiration for our clients and their loved ones. We provide mental, physical and spiritual healing for adult men and women who are struggling with a range of addictions including alcohol, prescription drugs and illicit drugs. We work tirelessly to make our program accessible and effective. Our short-term residential program in Austin, Texas gives participants the chance to fully immerse themselves in treatment, engage with recovery and find long-lasting solutions to substance abuse. Contact us today at (877) 389-0500 to learn more or to start the admissions process for yourself, your loved one or your patient.

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We envision a bright future for every client — one where substance abuse no longer controls their actions, weighs down their spirit or limits their potential. We know that every person who struggles with drug or alcohol addiction is capable of achieving a better, healthier life, no matter how long they have been living with a substance use disorder. Our doors are open to those who have struggled with addiction for months, years or decades. We are proud to offer proven effective treatment for those who are ready to commit to finding their purpose in recovery and sobriety. If you, someone close to you or your patient needs an immersive short-term substance abuse treatment program like ours, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Call Burning Tree Ranch in Dallas, Texas today. Our team is available at (877) 389-0500 to answer your questions or to help you start the admissions process.

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