Time Is On Our Side & We Have the Expertise to Use It

Why Burning Tree Ranch Works

When clients come to the Ranch they usually have been saturating themselves with alcohol, benzos or heroin. It takes about 90 days just to remove the fog caused by this amount of drug or alcohol use. It’s called post-acute withdrawal syndrome. When people come out of it they are finally starting to see themselves. We see this at Burning Tree Ranch. It can take about 90 days before people can start looking at their behavior and beliefs that are adding to their relapse and awaken to the proper treatment.

Burning Tree Ranch Alumnus

“Before arriving at Burning Tree I had completely given up on myself and the possibility of real recovery. I was addicted to drugs and alcohol, alienated from my family, and destroying the lives of those around me.”

Long Term Treatment Allows Proper Diagnosis

Our clinical team’s goal at Burning Tree Ranch is to remove our client’s resistance to treatment, so our clients can finally treat their alcoholism, addiction and any underlying mental health conditions. We can do this because:

  • The length of our program — which is 8 – 14 months of inpatient residential treatment — allows our sophisticated clinical team to properly diagnose our clients.
  • We have the time and willingness to separate addiction from underlying mental health issues that need treatment.
  • We’ve been doing this since 1999 and helping people who struggle with chronic relapse.

Highly Skilled Clinical Team

  • Our entire clinical team works in tandem to help each client grow and awaken from the fog of addiction.
  • Our Master Treatment Planning meeting is once a week, where each clinician brings issues or concerns to the team to determine the best path forward for their client.
  • With EMDR, Neurofeedback, CBT, DBT, and Community all working together with the 12 Steps, our clients experience a sophisticated and orchestrated treatment plan.

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Transitioning Our Clients in a Year-long Aftercare Program

Burning Tree Ranch has one of the strongest and most comprehensive Aftercare treatment plans in the country. We give our clients an environment to transition and practice the sober tools they learned in long-term treatment. Our transition is designed to be slow and strategic.

We have helped people struggling with chronic relapse since 1999 and have found that our clients need a smoother transition from treatment back into the real world. Our Aftercare Program lasts a little over a year and is designed to develop needed life skills and gives our clients the time to adjust to sober living and make sobriety a way of life.

Why Burning Tree Ranch

We have been helping families since 1999 recover from chronic relapse. Our sophisticated clinical team, our focus on the 12 Steps and our accountable but respectful environment, helps chronic relapsers break the chains of addictive thinking.

“Burning Tree helped bring recovery to two family members and a dear friend. Each of them has been sober for many years now. Burning Tree’s focus on the 12 Steps of recovery assures that residents and families are introduced to THE most successful addiction treatment available. Highly trained counselors guide residents in a new way of life, including establishing contacts in the recovery community. Burning Tree saves lives, and helps give loved ones back to family and friends, and for that, we will be forever grateful.” — Jim E.

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