Family involvement in addiction recovery

At Burning Tree Ranch, we believe family involvement in recovery and rehabilitation to be vital for the success of the program. Not only will the client benefit from the support shown through family participation, but the family will also experience greater healing as they come to understand the machinations of drug and alcohol addiction and the insidious effect it has on a family’s health and well-being.

As part of our treatment program, we provide orientation and counseling for the families of our clients to prepare them for the recovery and rehabilitation process, and to help them understand the role they will play throughout rehabilitation – particularly as the client moves closer to completion and return to his or her former environs.


Our family programs center on realistic expectations for recovery

And on dispelling myths and misunderstanding about drug and alcohol recovery. We have regular visitation hours, and families will be able to visit and interact with clients in accordance with their treatment program. Please plan to attend all stages of the Family Program in order to minimize disruption – establishing a regular routine is an important component of our treatment, and inconsistencies in attendance are counter-productive.

We also recommend that families participate in programs outside our facility to help them in their journey. Programs such as Al-Anon, Families Anonymous, CODA, and Al-Ateen, and such are of great benefit.

We ask that all family members sign in when visiting and follow our guidelines. We also suggest that children under twelve not accompany family members, as they are still going through developmental stages that can cause them stress.

We here at Burning Tree Ranch are dedicated to the treatment and recovery of your family member

We understand the worry and anxiety you are experiencing. We have developed our approach to family involvement so that everyone directly affected by addiction and substance abuse can gain a greater understanding of it and is, therefore, better equipped to participate in the recovery process. Reach out to Burning Tree Ranch to learn about our family program in Kaufman, TX.

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