Burning Tree Renewal Lodge Program Overview

Burning Tree has a longstanding commitment to helping all individuals break free from addiction, whether they have been through multiple courses of treatment or are trying to achieve sobriety for the first time. Our signature long-term approach to recovery has been effective in helping clients and families suffering from addiction, and has taught us important lessons about the key components of successful recovery treatment.

We have now incorporated what we have learned about addiction into a short-term treatment program at Burning Tree Renewal Lodge. Not everyone can commit to spending many months in residential treatment, and we are dedicated to translating our programs’ exceptional outcomes into an accessible 30- to 60-day program. The Renewal Lodge, located near Austin in Elgin, Texas, is a residential facility open to adult men and women who are struggling with co-occurring substance use and mental health disorders. The Renewal Lodge will also offer onsite detox programming beginning in 2020. Current program highlights and credentials include:

  • Licensed residential treatment center
  • Joint Commission (JCAHO)-accredited
  • Integrated 12-step approach
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Psychotherapy
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Comprehensive transition planning
  • Board-certified medical director
  • Gender-specific group therapy
  • Most major insurances accepted

Immersive, Short-Term Treatment

Many individuals seeking recovery find short-term programs ineffective. The typical short-term program simply does not provide enough breadth or depth to build a strong foundation in the life skills needed for lasting sobriety. At Burning Tree Renewal Lodge, we account for the shorter time our clients spend in treatment with a fully immersive, highly personalized program that gets the most out of every day.

  • The program at Burning Tree Lodge focuses on:
  • Accountability
  • Life skills
  • Clinical support
  • 12-step immersion
  • Specific programming includes:
  • Individual and group therapy
  • 12-step participation
  • Mindfulness approaches
  • Sponsor work
  • Family support

Aftercare and Community Resources

With short-term treatment, in particular, aftercare is essential — it helps cement the skills learned in treatment and provides ongoing structure and support in independent life. We work closely with every client from the outset of treatment to create and arrange a plan for continuing outpatient care. We can ensure that aftercare treatment is balanced with the client’s independent life and outside responsibilities, and can and help the client and their family transition smoothly into their subsequent levels of care.

Family Program

Addiction can profoundly damage the affected individual’s relationships with their closest friends and family members. These relationships are proven to be essential in long-term recovery — having the right kind of support from loved ones is consistently an indicator of sustainable sobriety. But for many, the bonds between family members must be repaired before they can be strong enough to be supportive again. Family programming includes loved ones in the recovery process to ensure that everyone involved is able to work together toward the goal of a fulfilling sober life.

Dual Diagnosis

Undiagnosed and untreated mental health disorders that co-occur with addiction are a leading cause of relapse. Studies show that the remaining mental health symptoms often trigger a resurgence of negative behavior patterns. Many short-term programs lack the one-on-one time and attention necessary to identify the underlying and related concerns that clients may be experiencing alongside addiction. The Renewal Lodge offers specialized care for individuals with co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders as part of our commitment to relapse prevention.

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