What is Addiction Treatment Resistance?

What is Addiction Treatment Resistance

Treatment resistance is a term that describes someone who does not respond to usual treatment programs.  Some people struggling with substance abuse or alcoholism have a difficult time staying sober by going to a 30-day addiction treatment center. You can say that they are resistant to the treatment.  Some people are in a revolving door […]

Why Long-Stay Treatment Helps Chronic Relapse

long-stay treatment

The thought of inpatient or residential treatment can bring all kinds of thoughts to our minds. Whether we’ve experienced an inpatient stay or we’re coming up on our first, the idea of picking up and living in a random place with random people can be jarring and frightening, but the reality of long-stay programs can […]

5 Ways Being of Service Prevents Relapse


Addiction can be a selfish disease.  People struggling with substance abuse may become self-centered to a certain degree to feed their addiction, and recovery requires an often-difficult transition back into a life of compassion.  The best way to grow and foster this compassion in your life is to find ways to be of service to […]