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6 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Group Therapy

Group therapy plays a central role in nearly every quality treatment program and for good reason. Studies show that group therapy is a cost-effective way to treat many conditions, including addiction. More importantly, group therapy offers a valuable opportunity to learn and practice skills that are hard to acquire on your own or in private […]

6 Ways Addiction Changes Your Personality

Addiction can affect your life in many ways. It can damage your health, your relationships, your career, and your finances. Perhaps the biggest impact is on your brain. Prolonged substance use changes your balance of neurotransmitters and can even change the structure of your brain. These changes affect your mood, your ability to think, and […]

What to Do After a Relapse

Relapse is always a possibility at any point in recovery. Although your risk of relapse drops the longer you’re in recovery, the risk never falls to zero. Estimates of relapse rates vary widely between studies, but a frequently cited estimate from the Journal of the American Medical Association is that between 40 and 60 percent […]

Signs You May Be Heading for Relapse

Relapse is a common danger in addiction recovery. A frequently cited study in the Journal of the American Medical Association estimates that between 40 and 60 percent of people treated for addiction will relapse within a year. In fact, there is an ongoing debate about whether relapse should be considered part of recovery. Proponents of […]


Post Traumatic Growth in Recovery: Your Guide to Becoming Stronger

We can’t always control what happens to us – and sometimes we’re caught in unfortunate, devastating, downright traumatic situations that leave marks on us- physically, mentally, or both. In some instances, these traumatic incidents occur during childhood – when we feel helpless and vulnerable. In others, we’re adults – but we still feel the pain […]

The Importance of Long-Term Residential Treatment and Why

Shea Barakatt LCSW, LCDC, EMDR Trained Clinical Director, Burning Tree Recovery Ranch I have been blessed for many years learning from clients, families, staff and my own personal experiences about the processes that allow an individual the best chances of living a substance-free life. I have always lived my life as an individual who will […]