At Burning Tree Ranch, our continuum of care is designed to help you overcome your addiction, create a productive life, & lessen the chance of a relapse

As such, we have created an environment that best serves those needs.

At Burning Tree Ranch, you will encounter four phases of treatment. First, you will participate in an intensive residential treatment program at The Ranch. Once you have completed this phase, stage two begins –at which you will be able to begin practicing and incorporating what you learned in stage one in a safe and supportive environment. We believe, and have found, this to be a highly effective approach to drug and alcohol recovery and rehabilitation. Stage 3 is enrollment into our sober living and aftercare program. The staff there will continue the recovery process in which you will begin to re-acclimate back into society you will get a job and learn to balance work/recovery. Stage 4 is when you move out of the sober living house and move in with one of your peers. You continue to attend our aftercare program.

  • Program:
  • Phase one of your treatment will be focusing on working the twelve steps and therapy.
  • Phase two, while therapy continues, you will be provided with greater freedom and opportunities to move beyond the boundaries of the residential treatment center and going off the property to the sober house on the weekends.
  • Phase three is the extended care portion of our program. Aftercare is provided including sober coaching and peer-driven community meetings. Financial coaching and feedback are given. Focusing on balance and putting recovery first is the key.
  • Phase four is identical to phase 3 except you will not be living in a sober house. You will be living with another peer.

Once you begin treatment at Burning Tree Ranch, we are with you every step of the way

All of our personnel understand the problems with addiction and substance abuse and can be relied upon to provide proven support, understanding, and assistance with all the issues that you will experience. As you move through the program, you become a contributing member, helping others through their times of trouble, while reinforcing and building your own life-skills.

When you formally leave the program

You are still a part of the family. We track all of our alumni to make sure they are progressing in their reclaimed lives, and we are available for assistance and advice as it is needed. Contact Burning Tree Ranch at (877) 389-0500 to learn more about our continuum of care in Dallas, TX.

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