Admissions Process

Admissions to the Burning Tree Ranch drug and alcohol program begins with a phone call. An admissions counselor will speak with you to discuss your situation and to determine if we will be able to assist you. If we believe we can, the admissions counselor will arrange an appointment for a clinical assessment with the program director. In this meeting, the director will conduct a more in-depth interview to assess your needs and to determine if there may be multiple occurring conditions with your abuse or addiction problem.
If we are able to help, and admit you for treatment, you will need to be drug and alcohol free prior to final admission to the program. While we do not conduct detoxification, we can refer you to one of our partners in this field. Once detoxification is completed, admissions will proceed.

During the admissions process, our Chief Financial Officer will discuss financial arrangements with you. Your admission date will be confirmed, and you will be assigned to either our Dallas-area or Austin-area facility. Each facility offers the same level of care and quality of treatment, and assignment is based on which one can better meet your needs at the time of admission.

Because the most effective drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs are those which treat each patient with an individualized program that contains benchmark and milestone targets, your stay at Burning Tree is not pre-determined. Rather, completion of the program is decided by meeting all the criteria in your personal treatment program. We have found that this approach decreases the possibility of a relapse into destruction patterns of behavior.

Our Admissions Office accepts call from 8:00 a.m. through 10:00 p.m. Central, seven days a week. Our number is 866-287-2877. Please call us and let us help you begin healing.