Authentic Long Term Treatment

Find out how our sophisticated, highly-skilled clinical team has treated chronic relapsers since 1999.

Or learn more about our clinical approach.

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Creating a Life of Excellence Beyond Sobriety

Learn how we use Equine Therapy, Neurofeedback, EMDR, and the 12 Steps to properly diagnose your loved one and break the cycle of addiction in your family.

Or learn about chronic relapse.

Long Term Inpatient Rehab

Learn how a dual diagnosis approach to drug and alcohol treatment can help your loved one, and how time helps us properly treat our clients.

Or learn more about our clinical approach.

Properly Diagnosing the Chronic Relapser Since 1999

We have been able to give our clients the time and highly skilled clinical team needed to remove their resistance to treatment. Talk to our admissions team today about availability.

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20+ Years
in Long Term Inpatient Rehab

  • Leading experts in chronic relapse and those resistant to treatment.
  • Family owned and operated.
  • The 12-Step program is our core philosophy and it is coupled with proven therapeutic treatment.

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A Family’s Story of Recovery

Marlena H. has been sober for 10 years after multiple attempts at sobriety. Her father, Joel, didn’t know what to do until he came to Burning Tree Ranch, where we helped the family recover.

Joel H.
Father to Marlena

“I have been very familiar with Burning Tree Ranch since 2010, as I am a proud family member of one of its many successes. Like many folks before me, I was initially very skeptical of how helpful Burning Tree’s program would be, but once our family fully embraced its program and let its staff take control of addressing our situation, the resulting success speaks for itself.”

Marlena H.
Burning Tree Ranch Alumnus

“Before arriving at BT I had completely given up on myself and the possibility of real recovery. I was addicted to drugs and alcohol, alienated from my family, and destroying the lives of those around me. I was skeptical and resistant at first, but I can honestly say Burning Tree changed my life. Because of my continued sobriety (over ten years now) I am able to be a present and loving mom, wife, daughter, and sister. I finished college and work as an RN in an ICU.”

Treating Chronic Relapse Since 1999

Addiction and alcoholism are chronic diseases. It takes continued treatment or the symptoms of alcoholism and addiction return. We’ve been helping chronic relapsers since 1999.

About Chronic Relapse

World Class Transitional and After Care Program

Without the proper Relapse Prevention Plan after treatment, it is difficult to continue treating your addiction. Without proper transitional services, a chronic relapser’s chance of recovery is very low. Burning Tree Ranch has one of the best After Care treatment programs and relapse prevention plans in the country.

Relapse Prevention

Treating Mental Health and Addiction at the Same Time

Not treating mental health and addiction at the same time can lead to relapse. Mental health and addiction are often intertwined. A Dual Diagnosis program that treats trauma, depression, or bipolar disorder, and addiction is critical for recovery.

Dual Diagnosis

More From Our Alumni 


Overcoming the ravages and devastation of addiction and alcoholism is an arduous process and requires more than a handful of phrases and canned suggestions. It requires constant vigilance and awareness of the conditions that contribute to relapsing into old behaviors. Long-term treatment, as offered first in a residential treatment facility and then through its extended care programs, is the most effective form of therapy for individuals struggling with substance abuse as it combines the best practices of all other forms of substance abuse therapy.

Long-term treatment for addiction or alcoholism from a substance abuse treatment center provides immediate and direct care for the individual. Once a treatment program has been completed and the individual is released, he or she is enrolled in a number of post-treatment programs. This two-pronged approach gives the recovering addict or alcoholic the opportunity to inculcate and practice the new skill sets acquired during rehab while being monitored and guided through the process of returning to life in society. While there may be many different components, the ones selected are those that will give the individual the best chance of remaining sober.


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Has your loved one tried numerous addiction treatment programs? Possibly including 30 or 90-day rehabilitation centers and they are still not able to maintain permanent recovery?

Long-term care may be what is missing from the treatment equation. Burning Tree Ranch specializes in treating chronic relapse in individuals with chemical dependency.

At Burning Tree Ranch we believe that drug and alcohol addictions are diseases of the body, the mind, and the spirit. As such, we hold that an integrated approach addressing each of these areas delivers the best results.

Our goal as both a drug addiction treatment and alcoholism rehabilitation center is to provide superior long-term care for those struggling with and trying to overcome addiction. Our Dallas area treatment facility is dedicated to this cause.

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Because Each Individual Has His Or Her Own Unique Set Of Circumstances

We do not have a cookie-cutter approach to treatment. The length of stay for each person is based solely on his or her progress and with the goal of preventing a relapse. Every client has the opportunity to develop and incorporate those life-skills and habits that ensure success. We believe that a sound spirit with a sound mind in a sound body is the foundation of a healthy life that is well armed in the struggle against addiction.

Specialty Treatment For Chronic Relapse

Those who return to old patterns of drug or alcohol abuse and are frustrated by previous attempts to break the patterns should consider a facility like Burning Tree Ranch offering specialty treatment for chronic relapse. Our relapse treatment center addresses all possible factors – physical, cultural, environmental – that may play a role in the addiction(s). With this information, a chronic addiction treatment program is designed to teach coping skills, provide a safety net, and empower the individual to maintain a sober life.

Chronic relapse programs are not a single remedy proposition. In all likelihood, they may or will include some combination of attendance at daily, weekly, or monthly therapy sessions (depending on the individual); regular interaction with sponsors; sober companions or escorts; family support and assistance, or any methodology that may best equip the individual with his or her recovery efforts.

  • We employ a comprehensive approach in both diagnosis and treatment. We have found that our success lies in teaching life-skills grounded in 12-step spiritual principles.
  • Chemical dependency counseling
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Experiential therapy
  • Groundbreaking family programs
  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy

More About Our Dallas Residential Rehab Center

Burning Tree Ranch is a preeminent drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility. Located in the greater DFW metroplex, our residential drug treatment program is centered on providing premium substance abuse treatment for chronic relapsers. Our staff of highly credentialed healthcare professionals is fully licensed by the state of Texas, and is dedicated to helping people break from the patterns that fuel their addiction.

Burning Tree Ranch Residential Drug Treatment Program

Is unique in that it goes beyond a superficial analysis and treatment of addiction. We conduct an in-depth assessment and analysis to determine all possible factors that play a role. Once concluded, an individualized program is created with objectives and milestones that are clear and tailored to the patient. Each client progresses through the program at his or her own pace and is afforded the opportunity to fully understand addiction and how it has come to dominate in the way it has.

None of our clients are released from their long term drug rehab program until all conditions have been met and they are sure they are ready to return to a normal life. When an individual leaves the formal program, he or she is directed to an extensive after care support network to reinforce what was learned and to help when times get tough. Once enrolled, our clients no longer have to face their demons alone.

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